Make a Match

Since 2002, Community Services Foundation has been the host to the Annual Make A Match Campaign. This Campaign allows our member agency, CTF ILLINOIS, to receive a dollar for dollar match on their monetary donations received from their community supports, families, and friends.

Since its inception the Foundation has raised over $300,000.00 for people with diverse disabilities. Each year, the campaign funds are designated to specific programs and needs.

We’d like to thank everyone who donated to our 2019 Campaign. Together, we raised $47,458.00, 100% of which went directly to programming for CTF ILLINOIS. Again, a heartfelt thank you to each of our donors:

Ambrosino’s Italian Market & Deli
Barbara Ambrosino
Peter and Mary Pat Ambrosino
Atlas Putty Products
John and Teresa Barry
Kassie Bay
The Beese Family
Beta Omega
The Bugajski Family
Sally Campbell
Dennis and Pamela Carpenter
Chicago Investment Advisory Group
Michael and Kelli Cody
Chris Condon
Cozad Asset Management
The Czuchra Family
Steve and Margaret Daly-Gutschenritter
Bob and Denise Dassie
Gus and Irene Deguilio
Jessica Delgado
Dennis Dixon
Ken and Patty Eberhardt

Bob and Kathy Emmet
Evergreen Mechanical
Fennell Electric
John Ferry
JoAnne Fortson
Franciscan Health
Friends of CSF
Katherine Fuller
Seldon and Mimi Gordon
Constance Hall
Patrick Hall and Shelley Maxwell
The Helfert Family
Herff Jones
Robert Huguelet, Jr.
Gregg W. Jarman
Lucille Kash
Marcia Kennedy
Donald E. King
Harold Kloosterman
Michael and Carol Kohlstedt
Genevieve Kottemann
Robert Kretzer
Michael LaRocca
Linda Larson
Edward and Diane Levy

Frank Luksander, Jr.
Richard Marshall
Andrew and Melissa McDaniel
Pam Melnyk
Les Olsen
The Paetow Family
Palos Electric Company
Thomas and Anna Panka
Rigsby Builders, Inc.
Clarence and Patricia Sanders
Joan Slawinski
Charley and Dawn Smith
Garnet Stout
Ann Soumar
Joseph and Carmen Tevenal
Tinley Park Sertoma Club
Carlo and Doris Tozzi
Tom and Martha Valaveris
Robert Wahlin
Laurie Wall
Grace Wallace
Walt’s Foot Center
Jason and Tracy Wavering
Bruce and Ann Marie Zumstein
Anonymous Donors

We are looking forward to our 2020 Campaign, which will begin November 1, 2020.