Honored Society

Honored Society LogoIt takes hands to build a house, but it takes hearts to build a home. And with our new sponsorship program, we’re creating loving homes for adults with disabilities.

Community Services Foundation (CSF) is proud to introduce the Honored Society, a new opportunity for community members to provide financial support and friendship for adults with disabilities. Through this relationship-based sponsorship program, you’ll form long-term connections with men and women in one of CTF ILLINOIS’ 34 residential homes (also called CILAs).

CTF ILLINOIS has 34 homes in south suburban Chicago and east Central Illinois, each with 3-8 male and/or female residents. Each home has its own unique personality and interests, but all of the people we serve are excited to make new friends in their communities!

We ask each sponsor, group or individual, for an annual $3,000 contribution, which will be used to purchase items on the home’s wish list-such as new home furnishings, outdoor grills, and special experiences to sporting events and concert tickets. From there, you can watch your donation at work. You’ll receive tri-annual updates on home events and even an annual thank-you party for your support, but we encourage all of our sponsors to plan other social events, like Halloween parties or a Friendsgiving dinner and more! Because we want to promote long-term connection, we strongly encourage each sponsor to make a three-year commitment to their home.

Upon registering, each sponsor will be matched with a home in their community by CSF staff, considering the needs of both the sponsor and the home’s residents. Sponsors will also receive verification of their donation.

Please consider joining us as we create full, loving homes for adults with disabilities. For more information, consult our list of frequently asked questions or contact us at info@csfil.org.